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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And Then There Was One

In seeing that my mom had a designed table for a large group and my daughter for a few, I narrowed down my choices to a setting for two or a setting for one. One won.

While I love, love, love china with elaborate patterns, I also made the choice to register for classic patterns when I was married. Lenox Tuxedo is ivory with a gold-encrusted rim. It can be mixed with hundreds of different Lenox patterns. I still love it. Click on the pictures below to get a larger look at the detail. Beautiful!

Think breakfast in bed, for yourself or someone else! I envisioned French toast, a side of fruit, eggs sunny-side-up, and bacon as well.

 Fresh ground pepper and sea salt would fill the salt cellars.

 I would use the creamer and open sugar (Lismore by Waterford) for syrup and powdered sugar.

The napkin ring is a Valentine tree ornament for a Victorian-inspired them. Very pretty!

 A mimosa or fresh juice in the champagne flute and hot chocolate, tea, or coffee on the side.

And now, for a little history!

Tuxedo is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2012. It was originally known as J33. These ramekins date from before 1920. They were a fantastic eBay find! (I LOVE EBAY!) Ovington Brothers was a specialty store in New York that imported fine housewares, often on commission. I found some really neat articles in the New York Times archives from the late 1800's here and here. This second article was a bit scandalous! There is some interesting family history here as well. And as a side note, can you believe Lenox has never never made a soup tureen in such an enduring pattern? I am hoping they'll celebrate next year by offering one!



  1. What a delightful breakfast tray, definitely a treat for one.
    It all looks so lovely but the napkin ring has stolen MY heart.

  2. Next time, will add a ribbon. Easier to remove, I think and prettier on the table! :)

  3. How lovely to be sharing this lovely holiday together. That is what Love is all about!
    Lovely post.
    Yours Sincerely,

  4. This is such a pretty breakfast tray. My wedding china is Lenox Moonspun. Your mother, you, and I did a great job of picking classic Lenox patterns. What a beautiful ornament you used for a napkin holder. I love that gorgeous champagne flute. Your pretty tray would be such a wonderful way to begin Valentine's Day. Thank you for linking it to my Valentine party. laurie

  5. So pretty and classic -- and I love your breakfast menu!

  6. Wow. If anyone ever gave me breakfast in bed like that I would probably faint!



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