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Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Generation

I am truly the first generation in this family to be obsessed with tablescapes. My mother, who loved beautiful things, did not have a passion for china, crystal and silver. I lived in a very small town, until I was eleven and I still remember my next door neighbor's Moss Rose china and stunning sterling coffee and tea service. 
When I lived in that town, I was fortunate to have had several older ladies who invited me into their homes often and I was always interested in their dining rooms! I can still describe the chandeliers and tablecloths and how the furniture was arranged. I remembered my grandmother's silverplate, which had been put away after her death. 
She died when I was twelve, but I always thought about how pretty it was and my aunt gave it all to me, after I married. I guess that I was the only grandchild who ever mentioned my love for those beautiful patterns. Yes, I am the first generation, but I am sure that I will not be the last - my daughter and granddaughters already are passionate about tablescaping. My daughter has an incredible eye for the finer things and the granddaughters both have silver flatware collections to which I add every Christmas. Yes, I think that the legacy is safe and our family will have many more generations of collectors!

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