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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Great Day at my Grandmother's

So, for Valentine's day, I created a tablescape at my grandmother's house. I used my gradmother's four seat table in her kitchen because I was at her house when I did this table, (hence, all of the things on the table are hers). (I love the word hence.) Doing this was the most fun I have ever had at her house!  She let me go through everything she had!
In the center of the table lies a Cupid candle holder with a dark red candle , with clear (fake) diamonds scattered around him. 
The plates I used were my grandmother's Yardley china. It's by Mikasa. The silver used was her Presentation by Oneida. It was some family silver plate. I really like this pattern. The mini-compotes holding the strawberries sit beside the name cards on the plates. 
The water glasses holding pink lemonade, (it was quite good!), sit on the white doilies. They are casual crystal, but I didn't write down the pattern. A cute, home-made idea is to decorate a ribbon with a design and make a bow tie around the upper stem of a glass. I painted the ribbons in the pictures with a paint pen, but it is hard to see in the pictures. I did that with my wine glasses; a red ribbon with pink polka dots. And I put the candy in the champagne glass, too. Maybe this could be a party favor.
Then there are the flower napkins. They are Ralph Lauren, I think. The main color in them is pink, but they also have subtle hints of red, blue, green, yellow, cream, and white. All of that is sitting on a red table cloth.
P.S.: If you have a candle holder like the Cupid one with holes in it, remember to put a liner under the candle. I had a little problem with that. Soon after the pictures were taken, red wax from the candle started pouring out of Cupid. After several attempts of trying to get the then-drying candle off of Cupid, we decided to put him in the freezer. After waiting a while, we took poor little Cupid out of the freezer to get the candle off. It worked! So, if you have a problem like this, put your candle in the freezer, and thaw him out a bit. Next time, I will use a liner. :)



  1. What a BEAUTIFUL Valentine's table! I especially like the champagne flutes with candy and a bow! How clever! Love the crystals in the center and the precious name card holders! All of your ideas are fabulous right down to the pink lemonade! What fun! I have never written a paragraph with six exclamation marks, but this one deserves it!! ok now eight.

  2. Thank you! It's my first one!
    -Emma =)

  3. Wow, What a lovely job you did Emma,
    It will be just the first of many I'm sure..
    Enjoy your Valentine weekend,
    Yours Sincerely,

  4. Your table looks so pretty. I love those place card holders, and cupid in the middle (sorry that cupid caused problems, but sometimes he does that!). Cute idea to tie the ribbon on the champagne flute and fill it with candy. Thank you so much for linking your tablescape to my Valentine party. laurie

  5. What a pretty table you created with your Grandmother's china. I can see that you had fun with this and I'm sure that your mom and grandmother enjoyed this as well! Love all your ideas for setting a beautiful Valentine's table.

  6. Beautiful idea and tastefully done, bravo all!

  7. Oh, I adore that china. So simple and timeless.

    I love that this is a three generation thing.

    I hope one day my Granddaughters will be doing something like this with me.


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