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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All Audrey, All the Time

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If you haven't ever heard of Audrey Hepurn, now is the time to learn!  My grandmother and I just ADORE her! One of our traditions is to watch one of her movies every now and then. I think I have seen all of her movies except one she made when she was older. A good starter movie to watch if you haven't ever seen anything with her in it is, "Wait Until Dark." Beware, it's scary! But it is very, very good! My first was the original, "Charade," which is also great. This is my list of Audrey favorites:
1. Wait Until Dark
2. Charade
3. Sabrina
4. How to Steal a Million
5. My Fair Lady
6. Breakfast at Tiffany's

 So, I hope this explains why I made an Audrey Hepurn tablescape today. The plates, cups, and spoons are from an espresso set my grandmother and mother bought me at Tuesday Morning. They are pink, black, gray, and white. I think Audrey would have liked them. The plates under that are some white accent plates that belong to my grandmother. The pink candles in mini-wine glasses came from CVS. They are the cutest things, and they were the perfect size for the china! The napkins are white. For the napkin holders, I had a creative idea. I found some faux flowers and hot-glued them to new, unused black hair-bands. (P.S- From experience, attaching the flower to the rubber band with a hot glue gun might not work the first time. :) ) It makes just as nice a napkin ring as anything and looks great on the table. You can use other things besides flowers. 

 Also, I used four black placemats. The focal point is a black wire stand from T.J. Maxx. For inexpensive decorations I found pink things I could layer, curled paper ribbon and even a bath scrunchie.  Then we put electric candles from CVS and covered up the bottoms of them as much as we could. My grandmother reminded me she had all of the DVD cases, and I thought to make a DVD tower on the stand. I added a few things to build it up, like more faux flowers. They are just layered on, not even glued. Over all, I love the table! I hope that you and Audrey would, too!

Thank you for visiting my post! I hope you will see some Audrey films soon!

- Emma :)

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  1. I absolutely love this! Being an Audrey fan, also, I know that she would have been quite pleased to see your table. You captured her grace and beauty, Emma Cate!

  2. Beautiful and fun! Great job. Now here's a tip you will thank me for forever. Toss out that glue gun and go to Hobby Lobby where they sell the most fabulous, do-it-all glue. It's called THE ULTIMATE! by API's Crafters Pick. It says, "The only non-toxic, water-based super glue. Adheres to metals, plastics, glass & more! Dries clear." I use this stuff for EVERYTHING including fabrics and could not get anything done around my house without it. You're welcome! :-)

  3. Makes me want to have another Audrey Film Festival with you!!! You know that I always want to start with "Charade". You did a fabulous job with the table!

  4. Audrey had class and you don't see that much any more!!! Beautiful mug and great photos!!!

  5. Your tablescape is really cool. Your mug made a great subject for you bokeh shots! Thanks for linking to the party.

  6. So proud of my daughter. She is still in middle school, and she did the table and the photography. I think I might have created a monster! :) Thanks for encouraging her!
    - Andrea

  7. What a great table. So fun! My Fair Lady is probably my favorite, but it is hard to say she did some great films. Love the pink-black-white theme in this table. Really pretty. Thanks for adding this to The Valentines Party!

  8. Audrey Hepburn is the the final word in classiness. I love her too.

  9. Love Audrey and I just adore your table. How fun and creative is this. Just fabulous. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  10. What a wonderful person to theme a table after. Gorgeous.

  11. I love Audry!! I just mentioned her in a post. Wanted to name my daughter after her. Have her box set of movies.... yes, we can be nuts that way. I think one of my favorites is "Wait Until Dark" she did an amazing job acting as a blind person!! I was completely terrified the first time I saw this film.

    Thanks for sharing your table

  12. How FUN!!! I too love Audrey. She is such a classic beauty. I remember just stumbling on the movie "Wait Until Dark" when I was younger and it did scare me to death! it's a good one...
    Thanks for joining me for Friday Pretties. This is certainly Pretty!

  13. WOW....What a tribute to a stunning creature!...Thakns for sharing!..Love your creativity!

  14. This is SO Incredible! You and I BOTH had Our Audrey on the mind for Valentine's Day! I think My Post and Yours go hand in hand. ALTHOUGH I don't have all her movies "YET"!!! LOVE HER! Watching her movies is like comfort food. Your table is GORGEOUS! Be sure to "Check out my post too"... Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Donna

  15. I love everything Audrey! And I share that passion with my two daughters. I just found them Audrey Calendars at a Good Will shop for $1 - Woo hoo! Beautiful post!


  16. An Audry tea, how fabulous! I love your table setting, and theme. The Audry mugs are fab as well. I have always loved her movies.

  17. Emma, she is a favorite of mine too. I'm glad you linked this creative table to Favorite Things. laurie

  18. I love Audrey Hepburn and so how could I not love this table!! Very clever and oh so sweet. The little candles in the wine glasses are a perfect touch. Thanks for joining Junkin Finds Friday this week! hugs, Linda

  19. What a wonderful table! I love movies and I love making a table based on the movies. Audrey Hepburn is such a classic star. Thank you for linking up. I did a movie table last St. Pat's Day based on The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.:)

  20. My Fair Lady is one of me faves! And Audrey Hepburn was always so stylish.

    What a stylish tablescape!

  21. Yep! Audrey Hepburn was a very stylish Lady. I love her films too!
    Great take for S!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's AT-S, S is for Swedish Summer in books

  22. I can' wait until my grand daughter Audrey is big enough for me to have an Audrey tea! and of course watch all her movies!! Thanks for the inspiration. Theresa (popping in from my Sew Crafty blog)

  23. Audrey Hepburn has always been one of my favorite stars and an iconic woman. I admired her compassion for children.
    Great idea to use a movie star for inspiration. Love the tablescape.
    So happy yu dropped in to TTTT to share your tea table and creative ideas.
    Excited to see what you will do next. Hope you share it with us too.
    Blessings, Pam

  24. How fun! Thanks for linking up over at Giggles, Glitz & Glam!

  25. My name is Tiffany so OF COURSE I love miss audrey! I saw you on Tip Junkie, Great looking talbe!

  26. I've always loved Audrey.
    Not only is she beautiful outside, she is beautiful on the inside as well.

  27. What a stylin' post!

    Love your Audrey themed table...that mug is lovely!

    Thanks for sharing this superb table setting with us on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "S".


  28. what a totally fun tablescape! Audrey was such a beautiful woman...thanks for linking this up with my Show and Share linky party.

  29. What a lovely blog you have !..Amazing !!

  30. Oh, I love this! I just saw a special on tv about her...beautiful, clever tablescape!

  31. I love her, Audrey Hepburn will never be forgotten, such beauty, sweetness and elegance! Your tablescape is amazing, what a great idea to honour her and make a theme tbscape. I love your pretty white plates and the mug is terrific, the whole table! Come and visit, you're very welcome.


  32. Hi! I'm visiting from your Mom's blog post over at Let's Dish this evening. This is a really neat tribute to the late Ms. Hepburn. It really takes me back!


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