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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yesterday, Today and Always...dedicated to the one I love.

Forty three years ago, I proposed to my husband. Actually, we were already engaged, but I decided that we needed to set a date. Decisions had to be made quickly, since we decided to marry during spring break, which was only a little over a month away.  I was not interested at all in the wedding plans (is that normal?), but I was oh so interested in choosing my china, silver and crystal.

That was in the day, when the girl and her mother, (no boys allowed), visited the local jewelry store and spent a glorious afternoon immersed in table settings. This Valentine's Day, my table is set with some of my choices.

The dinnerware is Solitaire by Lenox, the sterling silver flatware is Strasbourg by Gorham and the crystal is Argenta by Tiffin. There were so many beautiful designs offered to me that day on the shelves of that little jewelry store, but I decided to pick things that I hoped would not go out of style and could be used on many different occasions, (add a few red napkins, a bowl of candy and some flowers and you have a Valentine's Day table).

I did choose another set of patterns, (more on that in a later blog), but these were the ones that made my heart sing! Speaking of hearts - those darling little heart- shaped plates with the pink and white polka dots are a recent purchase from Cracker Barrel!

I think that I did very well with my choices as a young bride-to-be. I am still thrilled with the tabletop choices and choice of husband - they have all stood the test of time. Happy Birthday (yes, he is a Valentine's birthday guy) and Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for almost 43 wonderful years and allowing me to feed my addiction to tablescaping!


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  1. I think the heart shaped plates are adorable! well done! and thanks for the comment today!

  2. This is such a wonderful story, Diane! I remember the exciting trip to Mize-Pritchett to pick out patterns with my mom. What a wonderful tradition that so many miss out on today. You are very lucky that all things have stood the test of time.

  3. I love that all 3 of us (grandmother, mother, and daugther) can do this together! Glad you joined us! :)

  4. Such a wonderful Valentine's table, your china & silverware are timeless, you made excellent choices all those years ago!
    The little polka dot dishes from CB add a delightful whimsical touch.

  5. WOW, love that Valentine card and of course your table setting. Enjoy your Valentine weekend,
    I'm now following you hope you come by to see my lovely blog too!
    Yours Sincerely,

  6. Hi lovely lady. I love your Tablescape for Valentine's Day. I also have a Tablescape on if you can come see sweet lady. I hope you have a Great Day for Valentine's Day xxoo

  7. This is so pretty. Very smart to make such classic choices 40 years ago. They still look beautiful today. All it took was those cute polka dot heart plates to turn them into the perfect Valentine place settings. Thank you so much for linking to my Valentine party. laurie

  8. So beautifully classic. Perfect china for any and all occasions. Love the cute little hearts to dress your dishes for Valentine's day!

  9. So lovely! Love the polka dot hearts. I need to remember Cracker Barrel for their cool decor stuff more often!


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