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Friday, June 3, 2011

Minton and Majolica

Today was one of those days when I pulled everything out looking for just one thing I had to have only to realize I didn't like it when it went on the table. And I also discovered that I could not put everything away as efficiently as it had been stored the first time! 

Still, I enjoyed a light lunch on the porch with my favorite dining companions, my three children. And our pattern of the month, Marlow by Minton, was just perfect.

The light blue majolica dinner plates are Country Gate by Enesco. I only have four of these, but I am in love with them. 

I paired Richelieu crystal by Mikasa with the fluted pattern on the salad plates.

Even though I had fresh flowers, I didn't want to overshadow the delicate pattern on the salad plates at a small table. I chose a companion Wedgwood jasperware box on a mirrored tray.

Does the picture do justice to the 90 degree weather? Thank heavens for fans!

I am sorry the pictures are a little blurry today. You can chalk that up to how many linens and plates I moved. And the fact that I trimmed bushes in front of the house from 8:00 to 9:00 am today. My hands were a jiggly mess of over-used muscles!

What is on the menu today?

The kids made a modified version of a salad they found here:,1-0,kids_salad,FF.html

The original recipe asked you to mix and chill the following ingredients:

Sm. marshmallows

Grapes, halved

Bananas, sliced


Apples, bite size pieces
Cool Whip
Mixed berry yogurt

As two of my three children don't like cool whip, and I did not have raspberries, we stuck to the marshmallows, grapes, bananas and apples with a side of vanilla yogurt.

The main meal was a decadent grilled cheese that I make on the griddle, though you can make it in a frying pan.

I melt butter and "fry" both sides of the slices of bread. I cut up the cheese or use cheese slices, placing it on the bread while still cooking. I add garlic salt and anything else handy, such as cooked bacon. (Really, this is not a healthy sandwich.) I place a piece of sautéed sliced bread on top, flip the sandwich to make sure it is thoroughly heated, and I plate it. These things are ridiculously good. my kids love them because they are a rare treat.

To accompany the sandwich, we shared a homemade salad of lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes with a choice of ranch or Italian dressing.

They made ice cream floats for dessert with vanilla ice cream, a little milk, and two of them added chocolate syrup.

So it wasn't our healthiest summer lunch. But it sure was good!


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  1. I love this blue plate under you china, very pretty! I love the goblets too. Thanks for linking this up to HSH!

  2. Oh your table looked so nice. What a fun memory you made for your kids. Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. What a pretty tablescape! I love majolica and have quite a bit of it myself. What a pretty combination this makes on your table!

  4. I love this table scape!! It is so dainty! Love the blue under the white floral!


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