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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Third Generation

Like my mother, I have been very fortunate to be exposed to crystal, silver, china, different foods, and different places from a very young age. When I was five years old, my mom asked me to pick out a silver pattern. I chose Old Orange Blossom, and she said that was too expensive and too rare. (Apparently, I had pretty good taste for a five year old.) I ended up choosing Francis I. I am in seventh grade, and I still love it. Saying that, I have always had a passion for silver, crystal, and china that most children my age do not have. Tablescaping, however, I just did not understand until about two weeks ago. I thought my mother and grandmother were absolutely crazy until I was offered a chance to do my own table. I discovered it is much more fun that way! So, I rearranged combinations for a long while, seeing how fun tablescaping was for the first time. When I was finally done, my grandmother and I had hot chocolate in mugs from the table I set. I said, "This is a lot more fun than I imagined!" And it is.

Search for Lady Anne gorham crystal

I do not have a favorite element of tablescaping but rather favorite styles. I usually like china that is simple and elegant, not too busy. I like china that is lighter in color, sometimes modern, but often old-fashioned. I like many styles of crystal, but my favorite yet is my mother's Lady Anne crystal that we use every day. I love silver that is simple and elegant, too, although I don't mind if my silver is busy. :) A nice detail I love about silver is when the decoration continues from the front to the back. I usually like white tablecloths, but I like red, blue, or pale yellow, too. I like tablecloths to have some kind of decoration on them. In terms of tables, I think I will work with round ones that seat four, but I am fond of rectangle tables that seat six or eight, also. In napkins, one thing I just adore is if the decoration in the tablecloth matches the color of the napkins. I like most other decorations, too, [candles, confetti, etc.].

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As the third generation in my family to adore silver, crystal, and china, I feel lucky I have people to talk about it with, and that I have people who express the same love for it as I do.

Christmas pics from 2008, when I was 10. One of my presents was a Francis I scalloped potato server! It was so pretty!

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