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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet Thirteen


I am not sure how many times you have visited our blog, but I am the one in middle school, Emma. I have just gotten into tablescaping with my mom and grandmother this year, though I have played in the china since I was little.  I have been thinking that I can design my own table for my 13th birthday. Today is the first of many  ideas I am considering. I also want to do all of the food if I can, so everything you will see today is something most 12-year-olds can do.

I decided to do a beautiful buffet. Snack plates that I just adore sit at one end next to the silver. My mom's silver is Sir Christopher by Wallace. My silver is Francis the 1st by Reed and Barton, but I don't have 12 salad forks yet. I wanted to use her cocktail forks, but she only has 8 of those I think.

My mother loves snack plate and cup sets. These snack plates are Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz pattern.  I like how they have a place for the cup. They have blue, brown, and green in the pattern, too, so they would match different kinds of rooms.

My mom actually bought these plates to go with the punch bowl set. She bought the punch bowl set from a woman in New York off eBay. The 24 cups, the bowl, the stand, and the ladle were less than $40 including shipping, she said. After she bought the set, she wanted 24 plates to go with them. She doesn't have the actual cups in the pattern, but she said she doesn't need them because the punch cups fit. She found 24 of these great plates on I am only using 12 of everything on this table.  I really adore these plates. They look white here, but they are actually cream. I still wanted to use the white tablecloth, though. I think they look fine on white.

For the food, I decided to use anything we had that didn't require cooking. 

I used fresh vegetables and ranch dip.

And I had crackers and cheese.

We have bought a lot of Girl Scout cookies lately, so I included those and some of the Valentine's candy we still have.

The grapes were pretty on the table. My mom bought this bowl and the matching chip and dip at an Oneida outlet store many years ago.

I think you can tell from this angle and some of the other pictures, I had peanuts on the table. My little sister and I love peanuts and peanut butter. As a baby, she called it teeny butter, and we still call it that in our house.

We also always have several kinds of juice. This is a punch I made with CranGrape juice. I found the recipe on the internet, and I have copied it at the bottom.

I added potpourri in a crystal basket and rose petals in a crystal bowl. They are the rose petals from my mother's earlier post about making frosted potpourri. Those were just for decoration, not eating, of course! I also had topiaries and a vase of flowers. My grandmother bought the vase in Ireland, and it was a gift to my mother. The pattern is Lismore by Waterford

The napkins are some my grandmother gave to my mother before I was born.

I like this look for a thirteenth birthday party. I would want to add a meat if it were close to a meal time.  The best part about this tablescape is that after my mom helped me take pictures, we ate this for lunch. Not all of it of course, but it was fun to make a buffet for ourselves!

Thank you for visiting me and trying the recipe!


CranGrape Punch

2 quarts of cranberry-grape juice, chilled
1-6oz can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed
1-32oz bottle of sparkling water, chilled
Mix the juice and lemonade concentrate in a punch bowl. Stir in the sparkling water just before serving.


We used lemon juice and water to substitute for the pink lemonade concentrate and Sprite for the sparkling water. It was really good!

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  1. i love the details on the plates! They are beautiful! I like the different colors on the plate that you can't see unless you really look at it! This is one my favorite tables!

  2. Looks like you have inherited the same eye for detail as your mother and grandmother. This would be a lovely setting.

  3. Very pretty! Looks like your having a lovely get together.

  4. What a beautiful post!1 I would have loved to have been a guest at this lovely get together!!



  5. this is a lovely setting
    happy pink/green saturday

  6. So love the plates & crystal or glass cups will be fabulous on them. Your table is just gorgeous, who wouldn't want to come party with you as the hostess? I am on my way over ...... chuckle!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day ~
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~


  7. It is so pretty.It must have been fun to do Have safe and fun week Laura

  8. I love your tablescape, you sure have a lot more creative insight than I do.

    I want to thank you for linking up to the Sunday Social Network Exchange. You are this week's featured blogger, and you have won a free week's ad space at Frugality Is Free.

    I had a difficult time locating links to your Twitter, Facebook, Networked Blogs and Blog Frog accounts. If you have any of these, please send an email to smartmomj @ gmail dot com, and I will get them linked up. I have reserved a spot for your links just in case.


    Frugality Is Free

  9. Dear sweet, talented Emma,

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    I really love your tablescape.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I hope you have a wonderful 13th birthday! I still remember mine vividly! Enjoy!!

  11. Emma, you've made my day. I'm pretty sure that you're going to be 13 going on 23. You are so far ahead of the game in the field of gracious entertaining. I'm thrilled to know that we can count on you to carry forward with the art of tablescaping. You've made wonderful have a marvelous eye for design. Thank you for sharing your wonderful party ideas. Cherry Kay

  12. Happy 13th, the table look's so beautiful hope
    your friend's will love what you have done.

    Bye Carol

  13. Happy 13th birthday! Your table is wonderful! That punch bowl and cups is stunning. It looks amazing with the pale pink drink and the rose chintz snack trays. Thanks for linking this up!

  14. That is beautiful! Some very lovely dishes there.

    Following. Simple Wyrdings

  15. Wishing you a very happy birthday - whatever you decide for your party, I'm sure your guests will enjoy it all! I especially like the combination of the snack plate and napkins that you chose - they just say "family treasures" to me.

  16. Have a very happy birthday!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  17. Beautiful plates and gorgeous punch bowl. ~~Sherry~~

  18. Emma, your table looks lovely. Those pretty snak plates are a perfect choice for your b'day party. Your punch looks great in that beautiful punch bowl. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I look forward to seeing other ides you have for creating your perfect b'day table. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  19. Such a beautiful table!!!You are so talented. Love those snack plates.

    Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. sweet indeed, love the setting as well,
    fancy taste, you rock.

  21. Emma...

    Your table is just lovely with beautiful choices! You are quite an amazing and talented young lady and sophisticated beyond your years!! Your food looks wonderful. Happy Birthday and keep up the good work! It looks like your "tablescape teachers" are doing a great job!!!


  22. Happy Birthday! I love that you are learning this skill at such a young age...sweet.

  23. Sophisticated table setting. Adore the Rose Chintz.

    Your food looks amazing.

    And umm... you're 13?

    I knew none of this stuff when I was your age. Please don't tell me you know how to put lip gloss on, too, or I will have to stomp my foot.

    So if this was set for your birthday, I will wish you a happy Birthday and tell you that I will be watching for you someday on Design Star and be able to say, "wow, I used to read her blog way back when!"

    Great post.


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