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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mardi Gras Masquerade (Recipe to follow!)

Bonjour et bienvenue! 

Mardi Gras is an exciting time of year because I don't usually use purple! The paint job of the former owners of this house doesn't really "go" with purple, but I just went with it this year. I have to say, it was a hit! Even with my son's Cub Scout buddies. Or maybe they just liked the masks! :)

Because I was short on sparkly, purply, glittery, things, I was on a quest. As always, eBay saved the day with some stunning finds: all of the goblets and the wine glass charms.

I found the purple glass centerpiece, potpourri, the glass votives, and the green vases/hurricanes at TJ Maxx. The ribbon was in a bargain bin at Michael's.

The masks and beads were Dollar Tree finds. And the mirror place mats were purchased at Michael's. The china is my Lenox Tuxedo, the silver is Sir Christopher by Wallace, and the chargers and napkins are on loan from my mom. The flowers are from my Camellia bushes which have bloomed in the last few weeks.

A word on the mirror placemats.

Do you see what I have used as a tablecloth?

I purchased this AMAZING little find at TJ Maxx for $29.99, and it's actually an incredibly soft faux fur throw/blanket! It is masquerading as a tablecloth!  (I recently saw an embroidered purple velvet tablecloth on eBay for $2,800.00!) I HAD to use this blanket when I found it, but I was worried that plates and goblets would not really work on the uneven surface in real life.  I don't want to make tablescapes that only look good in pictures. I want settings that actually make sense and that I can use once the food is on the table. I remembered seeing mirror table decorations in someone's house when I was growing up, so I was on a mission to find some. I was shocked at the online prices. Up to $120 per placemat! I found one site that sold the larger size mirror placemats for $7.99 each, but then there was the shipping. And what about breakage? Luckily, a local Michael's keeps  the 12" x 18" inch size in stock for the same price and a ton of other shapes and sizes. Also, in brainstorming what I would do if I couldn't find any mirrors, I had made up my mind to go to Wal-mart and buy some 11" x 17" picture frames and use the glass!

Having found the magical mirrors, I was afraid that they might be over the top. But, I think it works! I am very happy with the look - especially at Mardi Gras!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

My Fast Gumbo Recipe:

Instant Rice
Gulf shrimp
Kielbasa sausage
Tomato sauce
Garlic Salt and any appropriate spices
If I have green peppers or okra, I throw it in, too.

I am sorry about the lack of quantities, but this is one recipe for which I have no measurements! In any random pan or pot, I sauté the celery with whatever I have on hand - butter, olive oil, bacon fat.

I add onions, spices, and sausage, then the the rice and water. Tomato sauce can go in here as well. Doesn't really matter the order. I cover it for five minutes or so until the rice is done. 

I add the shrimp last until it is pink. I taste and add spices as necessary - salt, pepper, filé, cayenne...whatever I have on hand.

Quick and easy! Especially if you buy the shrimp prepared.

Bon appétit! 

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  1. purple is such a festive color! happy Mardi Gras and happy tea day!

  2. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Very pretty! I am going to a Mardi Gras party Saturday night. Bet their decorations won't look like this; of course, it will be more casual.

  4. Your table is absolutely lovely. The purple is gorgeous. Love your ideas. Lori L

  5. Well I won't be there for Mardi Gras, I won't arrive in NOLA until the end of the month but I sure appreciate you wetting my appetite for all that is New Orleans.

  6. I think the purple looks lovely. You are very creative to gather so many odds and ends together and make it turn out perfect!

  7. You captured the spirit of Mardi Gras in this table for sure! Thanks for linking up for JFF.

  8. Oh, my! I DO love purple! And I also love Mardi Gras!!

  9. wow!..your stemware is stunning...!

  10. I LOVE the purple....and Happy AlphabeThursday!

  11. Hi: I just love your post today. The purples are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderfu table with us today. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Perfect - my son wants a Mardi Gras themed birthday party (he's 24) so I needed some ideas - very inspiring (also love the quick gumbo, the recipe we had was an ordeal)

  14. What a cute idea! Beautiful colors and so festive for the occasion! Love your table display.

  15. Beautiful! And I think the masks at the table settings is just brilliant!

  16. Sooooo pretty, have a great Mardi Gras:@)

  17. Lets party!!! Beautiful, Happy pink Saturday, Char

  18. Very pretty Mardi Gras table. I like the colors and you put it together really well. I love the stemware too. Thanks for linking up!

  19. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. HI! found you through the follow along! new follower here ^^)

  21. elegant...
    Happy Monday Ahead.

  22. Love those purple stems! What a great idea to use the throw as a table covering. Wonderful Mardi Gras table. Thanks for adding it to Favorite Things. laurie

  23. Love your table! Fantastic job!

    Now following fro
    We track all of the daily baby deals in real-time. Would love for you to stop by and follow back!

  24. Hello Andrea...

    Ohhh my goodness...your Mardis Gras table is simply fabulous!!! Of course, I love the traditional purple, green, and gold used for Mardis Gras, but these colors really make for a colorful and stunning tablescape! I love, love, LOVE that purple velvet throw...mascarading as the tablecloth (pun on words...too cute, my friend!). And...I think that the mirror placemats are gorgeous too! I will have to look for those at Michaels. I have wanted some for a long time...thanks for the "heads up"! Beautiful place settings...the lavender goblets are gorgeous! What a great treasure find! Everything is sooo perfect...right down to the pretty little Mardis Gras masks that you placed at each setting! Thank you sooo much for sharing this fabulous table with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party! I'm so glad to have you, my friend! Hope that you will join us again!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

    PS...just wanted to let you know that I have added your delightful blog to my list of blog follows! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creative tablescapes, my friend!

  25. What a festive Mardi Gras Masquerade tablescape! Very creative.

  26. Thanks for linking up for Fresh-cut Friday! This looks like a lovely and fun dinner! Happy Fat Tuesday!


  27. What beautiful beads and baubles and bright vibrant colors!

    I've never been to Mardi Gras but I feel like I just had a festive time.

    Thanks for a fun stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "U".

    It was great here today.


  28. Seriously w o w !!!!! How amazing to use mirrors, that is an idea I may have to borrow sometime! The purple glasses are lovely and the blanket as a table cloth is stunning. Beautifully done. Again wow.

  29. Absolutely beautiful! So festive and creative and very well done! Love it!

  30. Thanks for linking up on Sunday! You have some amazing table settings! Join me again this week! :)


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