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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scarf it Down, Scarlett!

Spoiler alert: this post is not about red!

Though the lovely red cherry tomatoes show off the main color in the post...GREEN!

But I did choose the title carefully. It is a reference to a specific part of the 1939 film, Gone With the Wind. Remember Scarlett O'Hara, in her smashing green velvet dress? 

Do you also remember that this lovely outfit was, in fact, made from her mother's curtains?

Well, I couldn't help but think of her, that dazzling green look, and creative repurposing when typing up my post for this week. Can you see why?

Look at the tablecloth. It is a beaded green velvet burnout scarf!  My wonderful mother bought this lovely accessory for me several years ago. And today, it was repurposed for this brunch table on the porch! The details are really fantastic!

I always like the way food looks on a green table, and I thought this would add a little pizazz since the green in our backyard is taking its sweet time this year.

I added some green eBay plates and Colony carnival glass.  Carnival glass is at its best in a sunny spot!

I borrowed a few green linen napkins from my mother and some stainless that I ran across in a thrift store for 20 cents a piece! It is the very elegant Silver Leaf pattern made by Lifetime Stainless. I was able to fill out the pattern (again) thanks to eBay! 

And what a lovely setting for our little taquito appetizer, followed by a yummy chicken, vegetable, and rice dish.

The table was a Pier 1 find last summer. I often use it for a side table in the den. The two ottomans were purchased for my daughters' room make-over from Tuesday Morning in December 2009. They were 19$ each, I think. The girls are running out of room, though, and have generously given them back to me for use throughout the house! I am so glad I picked a neutral color!

I love the glittery, multi-green table! I hope you do, too!

Thank you for coming by!


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  1. What a beautiful place to eat that great meal. I loved all your pretty things.

  2. Wonderful tablescape and I love those plates. Very pretty.

  3. @Donnie - Thanks! It was yummy! And @Eileen - I see on your profile you are from Maryland! I went to boarding school in Stevenson at St. Tim's. I love that area, and I come up for a visit a few times a year.

  4. Green is my favorite color so you know I loved this tablescape.


  5. Very pretty! I love to use scarves for table covering! There are just so many beautiful scarves! Your table looks lovely.

  6. Oh so pretty like it. Happy Rednesday.

    Mine is up

  7. Absolutely beautiful setting for a meal!
    I'm your new follower!

  8. This is charming. I like to repurpose textiles for use on a table. The scarf is a perfect tabletop piece. Loving all the green accents. Thanks for sharing this beautiful setting. ~ Sarah

  9. Very charming tablescape this week. I really enjoyed seeing that beaded cloth.
    Joyce M

  10. What a beautiful table for two, and an absolutely gorgeous view to go with it! If it was my home, I'd be having all of my meals there!

  11. What a delightful table...lovve all the green. Your view is beautiful.

  12. What a beautiful peaceful spot to sit and enjoy the changing seasons. All your greens go together so well and make everything look inviting.

  13. What a wonderful table for two! Everything looks wonderful!

  14. Green is my theme color for this year. I love the way you used it on this table. The carnival glass stems are so pretty. I've never seen them in green before.

  15. LOL.. love that title..and I love that burnout scarf and the green glasses. I think Scarlet would approve.

  16. I love the use of the scarf. It is a beautiful table.

  17. The table is wonderful! The scarf is magnificent! Green--the hope of life to come (preferably soon!)

  18. Such gorgeous GREEN.

    It's wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  19. Oh what a lovely scarf! It does remind me of Scarlett. You have a lovely view out of that window too. Thanks for linking up!

  20. That scarf is gorgeous! What a great idea to use it for this table for two. Lovely setting, and your food looks delish. thanks for linking up. laurie

  21. I love your greens -- this is a beautiful setting and the food looks out of this world!

  22. Pretty! I adore green so much that I painted my kitchen and living room 'avocado'.

  23. Look...if someone happens to take that amazing tablecloth it will just be sheer coincidence that I'm mentioning now that I totally covet it!


    I love this green tablescape!

    Makes me feel like spring.

    A+ and my apologies for the late visit this week.


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