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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Erin go Bragh

Erin go Bragh - Ireland Forever!!

March 17th! Leprechauns and Shamrocks await...

Saint Patrick’s Day – wearing of the green! After to traveling to Ireland, I understand why green is so important to the Irish people. I was there in the month of November and just look at how green the grass was at Blarney Castle.

It was just as green on the Dingle Peninsula, which was one of my favorite places in Ireland. My friend, Jane, who had visited there, told me not to miss it. I am eternally grateful.

Another of my favorite places was the Waterford glass factory in Waterford, Ireland. I carried back several treasures from my trip. One was a Waterford biscuit barrel for my mother-in-law.

Recently, my mother-in-law gave me several pieces of crystal that had been in her collection and, happily, the biscuit barrel was among them. I used it as a centerpiece on the table to hold the green and orange flowers (Irish flag colors!).

Waterford is not the only manufacturer of crystal in Ireland. The other crystal on my table is made by Galway. It is the old “Longford” pattern and I have had it for many years. The shapes of the pieces have changed a bit, since then, but I still love mine. I acquired it, when my mother gave me a surprise check and told me to buy myself something pretty. I used the money to order the footed iced teas and champagne/sherbets from Ireland. I never set my table with “Longford” that I do not think of my mother who died fourteen years ago.

Many thanks to my mother and mother-in-law for helping to make my table beautiful!

I was determined to have Belleek "Shamrock" salad plates for Saint Patrick’s Day this year. Some time ago, I ordered them from a company who does business in Ireland and America. Not only did I never receive them, but the company does not answer my e-mails! Fortunately, I have green dishes. They are the “Samarra” pattern by Royal Doulton. This china was one of the patterns that I chose, when I married.

The sterling flatware is “Strasbourg” by Gorham.

The green tablecloth was purchased at Ross and the napkins are ones that I have had for years. The napkin rings came from Dillard’s. I used several shades of green on the table - they remind me of all the greens of Ireland!

I found the shamrock place mats at Home Goods.

The pretty beaded coasters were bought at TJ Maxx, I think, and the darling etched shamrock Irish coffee mugs were an Ebay purchase.

Watching over the table are two Annalee Leprechaun elves.

Also, decorating the table are sprinkles of leprechaun and shamrock confetti. Hopefully, the Leprechauns left the gold coins for some lucky dinner guest!

While I do have some Irish heritage, I am afraid that my ancestors came from the northern end of the isle – the Scotch-Irish. However, on Saint Patrick’s Day, we can all be officially Irish. Who would not love a man who ran the snakes out of a country?

Instead of an Irish recipe, I am going to leave you with the lyrics to an old Irish song:

Sure I've roamed this wide world over
But of all the lands I've seen
There's no spot I'd rather dwell in
Than my little isle of Green
Only last night I was dreamin'
Of a sight that thrilled me through
But what I saw I'll see no more
'twas too good to be true
Sure the shamrocks were growing on Broadway
Every girl was an Irish colleen
The town of New York was the county of Cork
All the buildings were painted green
Sure the Hudson looked just like the Shannon
Oh, how good and how real it did seem
I could hear me mother singin', sweet Shannon bells ringin'
'twas only an Irishman's dream

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day - may we all have the luck of the Irish!!!


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  1. Très bel hommage pour ce beau pays qu'est l'Irlande avec votre publication.
    Bravo! Une très belle table accompagne ces merveilleuses photos.

  2. Hi lovely lady. Your Tablescape for St.Patrick's Day is lovely sweet lady. I wish you had a place for your followers on your Blog. I would be one !!! I also do Tablescapes hope you can come follower me. I need to post on your Blog. my St.Patrick's Day table next week~~~Right now Im posting my Mardi Gras table. ~~~~Diane

  3. Your crystal is wonderful! Its my first time stoppping by. I love the way you mixed the greens!

  4. What a fun spot to be on St. Patrick's day! Love your pictures of Ireland -- we're looking forward to a trip there in a couple of years.

  5. have inspired I thought of you all day as I set a table for a celebration supper..and I spent a little more time planning it because of all your pretty seeing your tablescapes. :-)

  6. Beautifully done! Loved all your pictures.

  7. Diane...thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and table. I have never been to Ireland and would love to see all that gorgeous green in person! Your table is lovely, I have a few Waterford pieces and I always wanted to collect mother in law has some pieces.

    I enjoyed this first visit to your blog!


  8. LOVE your Annalee dolls! They are wonderful! Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. How lovely and festive! Your china is so pretty and I love your annalee leprechaun. I need to go to Ireland. I adore wide open green spaces!

  10. Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe this table! Every piece is lovely, and the memories both of your mother and of Ireland make them even more lovely. I enjoyed too the photos from Ireland, makes me want to go there :). Thanks for linking this to the St. Patrick's Day party and for sharing the party! I am honored.

  11. What a beautiful post!! HPS!!


  12. Love this table! I really love the china pattern and the placemats are so pretty. The memories you have shared are so special. Thanks for joining JFF this week.

  13. Love the photos of your trip to Ireland! Your table is lovely~ especially your biscuit barrel with your flower arrangement!

  14. Very pretty! So nice that your MIL gave you the biscuit jar to enjoy:@)

  15. What a lovely tablescape! Every detail is just beautiful! I have never been to Ireland but, sure would love to visit.

  16. I love the dingle area too! "Your" biscuit jar is so pretty and makes a great vase for the centerpiece. Linda

  17. Love the photos from your trip to Ireland, I always wanted to go there, maybe I will some day.
    The waterford barrel that you used as centerpiece is beautiful, my mother has one, I hope to get it soon. The china is beautiful too. The memories of your mother and MIL are priceless. Stunning tablescape.
    Happy St. Pat's.

  18. Such wonderful Irish sentiments. Beautiful table and gorgeous crystal! Thanks somuch for being a part of Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  19. That flatware is absolutely beautiful! I love it! Your entire table is lovely~ thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  20. You are so lucky to have visited Ireland Diane...your pictures are breathtaking! Your table setting is gorgeous how you used the colors of the flag in your floral centerpiece :)
    Thanks for the info. on Waterford crystal as well, I love learning something new about collectibles.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

  21. What a beautiful homage to the color green and all things Irish.

    I've never been to Ireland, but I've been to Wales and I have never forgotten the color of the grass! Just so vivid and amazing.

    Your tablescape is so festive.

    You amaze me each week with your ability and talent to combine colors and textures and make them all sing in harmony.

    Thanks for linking.


  22. Your table is a beautiful tribute to Ireland, land of the green. Love those sweet mugs etched with shamrocks. They are perfect for an Irish coffee.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! ~ Sarah

  23. You've got some great "Irish" items! If I ever make it to Ireland I will be sure and visit the Dingle Peninsula. It looks amazing. Love the leprechaun confetti!

  24. Everything looks so beautiful and festive. Happy St Patrick's Day.

  25. Oh you have so many lovely pieces. That is a beautiful table! I am determined to have a few settings of Belleek too. My sister has 12, I think she should share! Thanks so much for linking up to my annual blog crawl!

  26. Look at all that gorgeous sparkling crystal...a beautiful table.

  27. All of your pieces are beautiful and it's so nice to hear how you acquired them. I love Waterford and that biscuit barrel is gorgeous.

    Shame on the company that isn't responding to you!! But these dishes are wonderful with this table and your sterling is GORGEOUS!!


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