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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I love my "Peeps!"

One of my favorite things is my mom's engraved William Arthur stationery. When I opened the Peeps this morning, the yellow reminded me of the pretty note cards, envelopes, and a china she has that she has not used for the blog yet. Even though today was a busy day, I asked her if I could set a quick table.

I had to hurry. I set this table between church and a trip to my grandmother's house. I love the black and yellow!  Don't you think my mom's stationery reminds you of it?

My plan was to add more Peeps, and I wanted to put toothpicks in the Peeps and make paper flags as a place card. I ran out of time! When you're 12 and your parents tell you it's time to go - they mean it! 

Happy Easter!

Note from Andrea:

Place mats - Kmart
China - Ebay - Tabletops by Sheffield (I don't know the pattern name.)
Crystal - Ebay - Perspective by Noritake
Tea light candle holder - Marshall's, $3.99
Silver - Sir Christopher by Wallace
Pitcher with honeysuckle - Pier 1 and about 15 years old
Stationery - William Arthur - purchased from - I have no affiliation with them, but they were awesome. I had a new engraving plate made for this set of stationery when everything was on special. Super professional and very happy with the results. Will use them again and again... Also, I like Amy Adele on the internet, too. No affiliation there either, but I love their kids' notes.


  1. Emma Cate..your table is just stunning..very beautiful..I will share it with my daughter since these are the colors she uses a lot...beautiful are doing such a good job. :-)

  2. Emma, I am amazed that you are 12 years old and have set this gorgeous table!!!!!! This is one of my favorite color combinations!!!!! The yellow and black is so striking! Hope you had an awesome Easter!!!! XO, Pinky

  3. Emma,
    This is beautiful! I love black and yellow.

  4. I love your setting. Yes, it does remind me of the stationery.

  5. So cool that you're into tablescaping! Your use of colors is perfect, and yes, it does remind me of the stationery. Great job, keep 'em coming!!


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