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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday, Mother!

Dear Mom,
So wish you were here. I am having a little celebration to honor your 100th birthday.

I am serving strawberries and chocolate cake – your favorite. It reminds me of the stories that you used to tell about World War II and how all of the neighborhood ladies would pool their sugar rationing cards to buy sugar, so you could make fudge for everyone. I can certainly understand. Your fudge was wonderful!
I know how much you loved flowers, so I am using plates with flowers and a big bouquet on the table. I remember how you loved to dress in clothes with bright colors and flowers on them and the arguments we had, because I would wear only plain clothes. Guess what? I still wear plain clothes, but I always think of you, when I see the flowered ones.

I put the flowers in the Niloak winged victory vase that you gave me. I am really sorry that my friend broke your matching one, when we were in the seventh grade. These green vases show up on eBay sometimes and I immediately think that I should buy you a replacement. Then, I realize that you are not here to enjoy it.

I am using salad forks from the silver that I chose, when I married. I apologize for giving you only a month to plan that wedding. However, you will be glad to know that the marriage is still going strong. We just celebrated our 43rd anniversary!
I am inviting Andrea and her two girls to celebrate with me. I wish you could know my three grandchildren. You really would love them. They all are such interesting people and all three are voracious readers like you and I. Thank you for giving me your love of books and all of the arts. Those gifts have made my life so much richer, than it would have been without them.

About those grandchildren – did you know that on the day of your memorial service, Andrea told me on the steps of the church that she was expecting our first grandchild? What a bittersweet moment that was! However, it was such a wonderful blessing! You will also be thrilled that the baby was born on your mother’s birthday and she was named “Emma” like your mother.
I am showing a photo of you, when you were young. It is appropriate that you are sitting in the middle, since you were definitely the middle child. Your older brother and sister are not in this photo, but it must have been interesting to grow up with three older and three younger siblings.
Well, I guess that I had better close for now, but I wanted to let you know that I did not forget this important day. I, also, wanted to tell you that I love you and miss you, but most of all – Happy 100th Birthday!

Your daughter, Diane

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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this post Diane....she would be so proud of you and I am sure she is smiling down on you today..

  2. Diane, what a lovely remembrance of your mother! She was such a wonderful lady. So many of my childhood memories include her. She was incredibly dear to my mother. I think she thought of your mom as a mother. They were so close all of her life. I remember when I was about twelve Mama had to have kidney surgery. Your mother came and stayed with my family and took care of us after the surgery. I believe she stayed a week or more. She was a blessing to everyone who knew her.

  3. What a wonderful and touching tribute. Thank you so mumch for sharing your Mom's birthday with us.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. I'm up from cooking for Easter Sunday and just joined TTS for Seasonal Sunday and came by and loved reading your wonderful remembrance of your dearest mother who would've been 100! I love it because far away from been sad your ulogy is happy and joyous,... with this said, have a wonderful Easter in memmory of your mother.

  5. Lovely tribute to your Mother and how wonderful that her birthday falls on Easter this year.

  6. What a beautiful and honoring tribute to your sweet Mom. My Mom's birthday was this month, too. It is the first one since her Homecoming. I baked a cake and my family and I had a little birthday party for "Mimi". It was so bittersweet. She was suffering so much, and now she is pain free, so that is the sweet part, but my heart and arms ache for her- the bitter...
    This post touched my heart so much. And, I believe these wonderful Moms get to hear about the children and grandchildren still on this earth. :)
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Typing will be hard at this time, you've made me cry remembering my own mother. What a lovely tribute you have given yours. My mom's birthday would be next week and it's been 4 years now without her. How special of you to remember her this way, to remember all the things she taught you. Happy Easter. Please come visit if you have a chance, I'm having a monogrammed napkin giveaway!

  8. I'm so touched with this tribute to your mom.

  9. I have tears in my eyes. My Mom is gone 20 years now, she went too young. She would be 95 now. I think I may do a tribute to her as well. Thanks for the inspiration. XO, Pinky

  10. Hi Diane,,, I had to stop by and say what a wonderful post and I'm sure your mom, up there in cyber space heaven has seen it and there is a big smile on her face.. I also lost my mom, who should be in her high 80's now.. but my mother-in-law will indeed turn 100 in November... the entire family is having a huge b/day party for her in Illinois...
    Huggss to you and what a nice post!

  11. What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. Loved that walk down memory lane with you. Home is about the memories as well isn't it. Thanks for linking it up!

  12. A very beautiful tribute to your Mom. How blessed you are to have had her. I think we always miss our parents no matter how old we become. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Karie

  13. How sweet - this brought tears to my eyes, especially the news of you becoming a grandmother! Lovely dishes! Stop by to enter a coffee burlap bag giveaway

  14. Such a wonderful tribute to your Mother. I am so glad that you shared. My dear Mother was just 90 and still with us and in good health.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  15. Such a touching post. As I was reading it, I was remembering my Mother and all of the little things that made her special. Thank you for linking this to Favorite Things. laurie

  16. What a sweet and touching tribute to your mother, full of love and warmth.

  17. What a beautiful post friend...your mma would be so proud of you...loved this post....Picket

  18. Such a precious and loving post. You brought tears to my eyes. I miss my mom so much too. Thanks for sharing her birthday. Hugs, Marty

  19. What a lovely, lovely post. A beautiful sentiment and a beautiful table setting. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Such a lovely post... really touching. Thanks for sharing this at FNF.


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