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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hazel Atlas "Dots"

We had a birthday in our family this week. I was charged with planning a very small dinner with low-fat food, so I wanted the table to look extra cheerful. What better way to brighten a table than to use Hazel “Dots” glasses in the Capri color!
The Hazel Atlas Glass Company was formed in 1902 in Wheeling, West Virginia through the merger of four companies – Hazel Glass Company, National Glass Company, Atlas Glass Company and the Wheeling Metal Plant. Hazel Atlas produced many different lines through the years, especially during the Depression era. From the research that I have done, I believe that the “Dots” line was produced in the 1960s. Some people mistakenly call this line “Capri Dots”. However, the “capri” actually refers to the beautiful blue color of my glasses. Hazel Atlas, also, made this pattern in other colors and clear ones.

The Hazel Atlas Factory in Wheeling.

I used the tumblers for our drinks.

The small whiskey glasses were used for condiments. They, also, can be used for holding shrimp for shrimp cocktail. Of course, they could be used for their original purpose – whiskey!

To make the table look more festive, I added more dots! These “Confetti” salad plates were purchased at Pier I. The white dinner plates under the colorful plates are the “Yardley” pattern by Mikasa.

The white napkins are surrounded by silver napkins rings, which read “EAT”. No problem there!

The colors in the “Confetti” plates helped me decide on the other pieces for the table setting. A burgundy woven placemat from Big Lots…

And the centerpiece – orange Gerber daises. Who cannot be happy gazing at orange Gerber daises??

Luckily, I already owned this basket with the burgundy trim. It was perfect to hold the daisies.
What about the low-fat menu requested by the birthday guest? Grilled filet mignon, fresh steamed green beans and new potatoes, with toasted slices of freshly baked bread from Fresh Market. The birthday cake was Angel Food cake with a bit of “free” Cool Whip.
The birthday party seemed to be a success and we did not have to feel too guilty about what we ate. The food did not matter that much anyway – we tablescapers know that the party is always about the table setting!

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