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Friday, June 3, 2011

Mellow Yellow Minton

I love these plates. One great thing about tablescaping with my mom and Nana is that I only have one brother and one sister to share all of this great stuff someday! Just kidding! We joke about that all the time! 

I made a little tray for my pattern of the month. We don't really drink soft drinks at our house, so I am just really learning about some like Mello Yello. That song was playing on the radio when we were driving to Atlanta this week. That led my mom to tell us there was a drink with the same name. Who knew?! Of course when I decided on the yellow, I liked it in the title :)

So, I used my Francis Ist silver, some plain white dinner plates with a gold trim, the Marlow salad plate by Minton, my mom's Lismore iced beverage, and a saucer champagne by Moser. We don't know the pattern name. My mom and dad bought 12 of these when they were dating, maybe engaged, at an antique show. They are so pretty! I love these!

So, this was a little tray I made for me. One great thing about being home in the summer is being around your family all the time. And one difficult thing about being home in the summer is being around your family all the time. I would like to think this would be for me having a little meal by myself on the porch. I like to cook, but I don't know how to cook a whole lot. I would just make something simple. Maybe I would have some cantaloupe and watermelon as my appetizer, tomato and mozzarella cheese on a salad, and I would LOVE a chicken salad sandwich and some carrots and celery for my main meal. I would choose water or milk to drink. Actually milk is my favorite drink, but I am not sure this glass would work. 

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you like this pretty pattern as much as I do!


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  1. Emma,
    You have done a wonderful job with your tablescape. I like the yellow pattern you put under the dishes and the silver is very pretty. Thanks for linking it up to HSH!

  2. What a beautiful pattern on your china! And I love your silverware! happy PS!

  3. Such gorgeous china and love your flatware! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing at FNF ~ have a great weekend! :)

  4. I love your china, so beautiful. You have a gorgeous flatware too!! I'm aslo at FNF, thanks for sharing. Hugs. FABBY

  5. Sweet flowered dishes they are just beautiful.


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