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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Frog Blog!

I live in the south. I live in the south on a small lake. For those of you who share this common bond, you understand the sounds we hear sitting on our screened-in porch in the evenings this time of the year. Frogs, frogs and more frogs!

I have been thinking about frogs a lot lately. It started when I moved my rather large trash can and a small frog was hiding behind it. I wish that I had been carrying my camera or phone that day, so that I could show you a picture of the little guy. Alas, I had left them behind so that my hands would be free to roll the trash can to the street.

The next thing that made me think of frogs was my sister-in-law’s announcement that she will soon be publishing a new book about her frog family. She is a children’s book author who has written several books. The first few books were about a girl named Ida Claire. That series was somewhat autobiographical about my sister-in-law and her cousin, Mike, who was “Will” in the series. My husband who is older than his sister, also, is featured in the books as “Franklin”. It is not a particularly pretty picture that she paints of him, so we will just leave that one alone!! He swears he never did any of the things that she said he did in the books and for our family’s peace – I have chosen to believe him. However, I was the youngest child in my family with an older brother and sister and I know how they treated me at times (just sayin’!).

Anyway, back to the frogs! The series that my sister-in-law has recently been writing is about a frog family who goes on lots of adventures.

This is the cover of her first frog book. The book is illustrated by a very talented artist, Jean Weiner.

I decided that I should invite my sister-in-law’s darling four year-old grandson, Maddox, to lunch and we would surround ourselves with frogs! Maddox loves his grandmother’s books and he might make an appearance in the upcoming one.

I started the place setting with some new placemats from Dillard’s. I love these, since they are reversible. This side is plaid and the other side is a beautiful floral. A green Bordallo dinner plate went on top of the placemat.

Next, I used to Weimar German plates, which feature frogs decorating the rims. I bought these charming plates on eBay.

The girl for me

The boy for Maddox

For our bread plates, I used Bordallo, again. Tiny frogs sit on the little lily pad plates – perfect!

Oneida “Cantata” flatware and white napkins with napkins rings that fit in with the nature theme – they were purchased on the One Kings Lane website and have tiny bees on them.

Hazel Atlas “Eldorado” green footed glasses complete the place setting.

The centerpiece is a collection of three pieces – a peace lily in a bronze urn, my sister-in-law’s book and a beautiful C.E. Cory frog pitcher made in Portugal that I purchased at a different time on the One Kings Lane shopping site.

I think my little guest and I will have a jolly good time lunching together and talking about frogs. After lunch, we might even meander down to the lake and see if we can find any. Maybe, I will let him take one home in his pocket. Isn’t that where little boys are supposed to carry their frogs???


P. S. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of my sister-in-law’s books, her website is:


  1. love it Diane...Maddox is such a cutie and Kay's books..well, she is gifted there...thanks for a great post about frogs. :-)

  2. Diane, what a fun and whimsical table. Maddox is a lucky little boy! Isn't it funny how things come to mind in cycles? Even frogs!

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