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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something Fishy!

Have you ever tried to shoot a tablescape, only to discover people are eating what you've made before you've even finished setting the table? If you look through my tablescapes, I almost never have shots with food for that very reason. Tonight, I came soooooo close to getting it on the table before everyone got into it. Sadly, when I came back to the kitchen, the baked potatoes were being dressed and the salmon had already been pulled out of the oven and served.

But we can enjoy the table nonetheless!

Our pattern of the month is Samarra by Royal Doulton; I decided to pair it with some great antique fish plates my mother found on eBay.

These fish plates are hand-painted and are marked "Elite Works" and "Limoges." I was excited to be able to use my Apollo by Alvin silver for the first time. I had decided last winter I would work on collecting it this  year. I am almost finished with six place settings! I just need knives now.

I really like the laurel pattern with the Samarra. I used antique Bryce by Glastonbury's laurel-patterned goblets.

Maybe next time, I will set the table before I start cooking!

1 comment:

  1. Been away from my favorite tablescaping blogs for awhile - there's so much I've missed! I love the details of this tablesetting - but the view! Oh my goodness, it just looks wonderful! ~ Janet/Multifacety


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