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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lenox Outlet

As most of you fellow bloggers know, many of the china companies have closed their outlet stores. How I still miss the Villeroy and Boch ones! Many of the Lenox outlets have also closed throughout the country, but I have great news! The Lenox outlet in Commerce, GA has not shut down. Not only have they not closed, but they have moved and expanded.

The new store is now across the street from the old one and is much larger. At the beginning of the summer my daughter, granddaughter and I traveled to Commerce to see the new store.

The store is a mixture of a retail and outlet items. The retail pieces are in the new showroom.

"Gilded Tapestry"

The employees were still moving merchandise into the showroom, when we visited.



Most of the outlet china is located in the back room.

The Christmas Corner

Easter Items

My traveling companions and I had a wonderful time searching through all of the treasures. With a thirteenth birthday coming up, I asked my granddaughter to choose her favorite china in the store. After looking at everything, she had two patterns that she liked. They both were Marchesa patterns:

"Palatial Garden"

“Painted Camellia”

Of course, neither was an outlet-priced one! In the end, she chose “Painted Camellia” in the accent salad plates. If you follow this blog, you will know that she used the china for her birthday setting.

I think visiting the new store was well-worth the trek to Commerce. However, for those of you who are used to the outlet-only pricing, you could be in for sticker-shock on the retail items! I know I was.


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  1. I stood in that very spot that is in your pictures and thought of you recently..of how you would love that store.. :-)


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