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Monday, May 9, 2011

What can you do with bone plates?

Hi! This is Emma!

I decided to mix our pattern of the month with pink. On the table, it looked more like peach. I tried peach colored napkins, but I chose the darker ones because it seemed to match how dressed-up the table looked. Especially with the bone plates.

My mom ordered these off eBay thinking they were salad plates. She didn't read the measurements. When they came, she thought that she couldn't use them as salad plates. I don't know why not. I think a small fruit salad would be perfect in these. There are five different patterns on them. One design of the flowers is repeated.

I decided to use two of the bone plates as serving dishes. One would hold lemons for lemonade. The other would be used as a master salt dish.

If I served a small fruit salad, I would be able to use my Francis I strawberry forks, which I love. I think since I started collecting silver, my brother, sister, and I have used these the most.

I wanted an unusual placement off to the right, so if I was serving a meal, I guess I would have to make something where you don't need a knife!

My ideas for bone plates are:
salad plates
serving dishes
(lemons, pickles, things that you don't need a lot of)
dessert plates
(with plate stands or candles)
egg shells if serving boiled eggs that need to be peeled
(we used these for Easter eggs after Easter)
bone plates for buffalo wings and things like that

Plus, my mom said that these bone plates were a lot cheaper than crescent salad plates are. So, I think they are a bargain!

Thank you for visiting!

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