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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ava Makes Her Début

Ava is my youngest child. She is in second grade and is BESIDE herself that she has not been included in our tablescaping endeavors online. Of course, she has been brainwashed about etiquette and the like. And now it's coming full circle! What kind of tablescaping monsters have I created? :)

 As we three generations worked on our Mother's Day blogs, Ava was able to coax me into a post of her own by pointing out she was also the third generation and by suggesting a breakfast tray for me, her "wonderful mother."

She looks so sweet and innocent.

But she can be pretty persuasive. Notice: she should have been in the batter's box, and she managed to talk her coach into letting her out long enough to get some boiled peanuts! And her Nana and Granddaddy gave them to her!

Of course, I am thrilled she is interested in tablescaping! I have to be honest though, she caught me on a day where I had moved so much china, I felt like I had spent two hours at the gym.  That was my only real hesitation: I was tired! 

But the tray for one idea seemed easy enough.  I thought I would be able to guide her into a convenient pattern. Something I could reach without climbing and rearranging. It wasn't quite that easy; she struggled and struggled over the proper pattern. Which had to be green of some sort.  She insisted on green china because of our green eyes. She eventually (read: over an hour later and about 15 trips up and down the ladder) chose Laurel (green) by Edwin Knowles.

She chose matching laurel-themed stemware by Glastonbury.

She also wanted to use her flatware, Old Master by Towle, which I borrow for so many posts.

And she wanted to fit every other green thing she could on this tray.  In the end, I was able to convince her that less is more, and she settled for an Alvin sterling overlay green bud vase.

Her menu for me?

"Fruit loops, eggs, strawberries, bananas, and diet Dr. Pepper."

This sounds a bit like our dream breakfasts combined, but I look forward to it on Sunday nonetheless!

-Andrea, on behalf of Ava

P.S. She "strongly encouraged" me to change out my cupboard per her tastes. LOL.

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  1. How fun! But I can so relate to your reluctance. I want my youngest to be a part of the tablescaping too, but sometimes time is such an issue! I sure hope you're going to link this post to Seasonal Sundays for Mother's Day.

    I appreciate your comment on my Royal Wedding Breakfast Part I and thought you might like to know that Part II is up now.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Pretty tray you've set Ava. I love green too. The china and crystal are quite lovely together. Looks like a wonderful "breakfast in bed" tray for mom. I hope all you ladies have a most delightful Mother's Day...looks like you're all "set" for it!

  3. It may be more work for mom but how wonderful that your youngest is able to appreciate beauty and creativity. She did a wonderfully thought out tablescape. Simply lovely!


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