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Monday, August 5, 2013

Entertaining at Sans Souci Part 4: A New Living Room and Kitchen


I hope you have been keeping up with the whirlwind of changes in the new house. To catch up on how we got to this point, you can read our welcome back post here, the library post here, the dining room post here, and the floor plans post here

So far, our posts have been about a little construction and some shifting of the purpose of rooms downstairs.

Another major issue was some very loud décor. Here's the before:

Blood red formal living room

Aztec-y flamestitch striped kitchen 

There is that lovely wallpaper again from the library post.

The foyer looks presentable from the first picture, but keep scrolling...

Wow, that's a lot of green!

On the plus side, it looked plenty scary with Halloween lights...

But this sort of racist? xenophobic?'s gotta go.
Sadly, this wallpaper goes with everything and was clearly super expensive. It's very rich and shimmers almost gold, but it's really just too, too much.

And it looks like all of these poor women tied in Rock, Paper, Scissors.
We call this our Rock, Rock, Rock wallpaper.

At this point, we have repainted the formal living, (now the den - see the dining room post), the library, (which was the old dining room), and the kitchen. It was a cheap and easy fix to update the house. We also made the back porch into a solarium/office. Because we are actually remodeling our Atlanta home right now, cheap and easy fixes in this house were important!

Transforming the formal living to a family den

Transforming the kitchen

Transforming the library from the old dining room

We tried to tie the blue from the kitchen into the library. It was hideous, so we painted over it.

The new office/solarium

We haven't yet tackled the foyer. We are thinking that we are actually going to have to re-wallpaper that space.

But for now, we are so happy with these changes. And we completed them all (including the library) in one month!

Andrea, Steve, and family

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  1. You have truly done an amazing job in such a short time. I am so impressed!! I think the two of you could really have a business doing this!!

  2. Andrea, thanks for dropping by my blog. I do enjoy those Churchill dishes, too. Especially anytime they can have red along with them. Good luck with the renovations...this is our first time to not buy a new home and it is different to say the least.

  3. Wow, all that in one month. It gives me hope. BTW, coming to you from The Tablescaper linkup.

    1. Thanks for coming by again! I am loving your roadtrips posts! - Andrea


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